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Year Released                        2017
Players                                   2 – 5
Approx Playing Time             50 - 120 MINS
Age                                       14+                                                          
Complexity Rating*                2.64 / 5
BGG Score                             7.7      


Build the city’s greatest theme park, whatever it takes!

Mix your favourite themes, from Pirate, Robot, Vampire, Jungle, Ninja, and Gangster. Build attractions and upgrade them to match blueprints, stack up towering rides, or simply make the most cash.

But watch out - your competitors may pay off the safety inspectors to close your rides or hire hooligans to vandalise your park! How will you get revenge?

Whatever happens, it’s bound to be Unfair.


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*Complexity Rating refers to how difficult a game is to understand. The score is taken from BGG's vast community's rating. The lower the score (out of five) the easier it is to learn & play.