Cosmic Encounter

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Year Released                        2008
Players                                   3 - 5   
Approx Playing Time              60 - 120 MINS      
Age                                       12+                                                          
Complexity Rating*                 2.55 / 5
BGG Score                             7.6


Build a galactic empire... In the depths of space, the alien races of the Cosmos vie with each other for control of the universe. Alliances form and shift from moment to moment, while cataclysmic battles send starships screaming into the warp. Players choose from dozens of alien races, each with its own unique power to further its efforts to build an empire that spans the galaxy.

A perennial favourite of board game fans across the globe, Cosmic Encounter is a game with vast replayability.  Players use guile, negotiation and outright force to ensure they are triumphant.


2009 Golden Geek Best Gamers' Board Game Nominee

2009 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee

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*Complexity Rating refers to how difficult a game is to understand. The score is taken from BGG's vast community's rating. The lower the score (out of five) the easier it is to learn & play.