Cardline Globetrotter

Cardline Globetrotter

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Year Released                        2013
Players                                   2 - 7   
Approx Playing Time              15 MINS      
Age                                         8+                                                          
Complexity Rating*                 1.40 / 5
BGG Score                             6.4


Cardline: Globetrotter want to rid themselves of cards as quickly as they can, with the first player to have an empty hand winning the game.

The game includes approximately 100 cards. Both sides of each card depict a country, while only one side of the card includes information about that country's size, population, GDP, and CO₂ emissions. For each game, players decide before playing which of these four country traits they'll compare.

A quick, simple game where players learn as they play!


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*Complexity Rating refers to how difficult a game is to understand. The score is taken from BGG's vast community's rating. The lower the score (out of five) the easier it is to learn & play.