Bang! The Walking Dead Dice Game

Bang! The Walking Dead Dice Game

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Year Released                        2015
Players                                   3 - 8   
Approx Playing Time             15-30 MINS      
Age                                         8+                                                          
Complexity Rating*                 1.33 / 5
BGG Score                             6.8


The Walking Dead Bang! Dice Game allows players to face off against one another in this fast-paced stand-alone version of Bang!

Roll, shoot Bang! Test your survival skills with this fast moving version of BANG! The Dice Game: The Walking Dead. Based on the world's best-selling shoot 'em up card game Bang!, where players battle one another for supremacy! With each roll of the dice, Walkers get closer to overrunning the Survivors, can you survive?



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*Complexity Rating refers to how difficult a game is to understand. The score is taken from BGG's vast community's rating. The lower the score (out of five) the easier it is to learn & play.