Essential Games Everyone Should Own

New to table top gaming or simply looking to get back in?

Whether this is your first venture into the wonderful world of board games or your desire to recapture those magical moments you experienced when you played games in your childhood, you have come to the right place.

Board games provide the perfect medium to help reconnect friends and families alike.

If it has been some time since you have played a board game, well let me tell you.....Things most certainly have changed!  And most definitely for good.

Many modern games are filled with theme, colour, character and challenges quite unlike boardgames of the past.  The mechanics (the way games work) that are utilised in modern games are more advanced and engaging than that of their predecessors. The genres and styles available are as varied as you would find with a video game.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about board games nowadays is that there is so much to choose from.  Of course,with such a plethora of choices at your fingertips, it is not that easy deciding exactly where to begin and what game (or games) you should start with.  Not all games will suit all people. Everybody has different tastes.  Plus, whilst there are sooo many awesome games out there in the market...there are equally just as many lemons.  This variety and choice can cause uncertainty and confusion as to where one should begin.  

If this sounds like you then I suggest that you invest time in watching the below Top 10 Video.

The Dice Tower publish amazing reviews of games and have a vast selection of videos and podcasts related to the hobby.  They are a family friendly network and, like us, hope to promote gaming through their work.  Having reviewed hundreds of games themselves and played even more, their knowledge is unrivalled.  Eventually I will get there myself....just a few more years! ;)

The below video is their Top 10 Essential Games Everyone Should Own video and, in my considered opinion, is the perfect place for an enthusiastic new starter to begin.


At Board Games Direct our purpose is to open up the world of board gaming to everybody.  We believe that board games help reconnect friends and families through the social interaction and pure enjoyment that they provide.

We want to get good games to your doorstep!  Please visit our STORE and if you want something that we currently don't stock let us know and we will do our best to get it in for you.

Thanks for reading, go forth and game!


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