Gateway Games for New Gamers

If you are new to board games, or perhaps starting up a game night and are looking for some great games that are suitable for those new to gaming, then hopefully this article will help you.

Gateway Game: n. A game with simple rules that are easy to teach non-gamers in order to attract new players into boardgaming as a hobby.

Gateway games are the kind of game that will open someone's eyes to a new kind of game and make them want to play again.  The right choices will build the non-gamer's trust in your ability to select other games they will enjoy playing in the future.

If this sounds like you or is just the type of game that you are looking for then I suggest that you invest time in watching the below Top 10 Video.

The Dice Tower publish amazing reviews of games and have a vast selection of videos and podcasts related to the hobby.  They are a family friendly network and, like us, hope to promote gaming through their work.  Having reviewed hundreds of games themselves and played even more, their knowledge is unrivalled.  Eventually I will get there myself....just a few more years! ;)

The below video is their Top 10 Gateway Games for New Gamers video 


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